Applied Magnetics Products

SIC electromagnetic impact vibrator, MagHammer are high impact force, low frequency bin vibrators for the free-flow of powder and bulk solids. This vibrator uses an internal piston driven by a pair of electromagnetic coils that push and pull the piston to create an impact force similar to a sledge hammer without the physical damage to the bin, silo, hopper or transfer tube that a manual sledge would.

Nippon Magnetics is well known for it's superiorDry Electromagnetic Separatortechnology in high purity separation. The CG, AT and FAT models offer solutions for the removal of fine ferrous material introduced to the base material during the grinding process. Our newest model the CG-MINI or model "1" offers 68% reduction in installation footprint for application that are in tight quarters.

Rare earth tube magnets are used to trap ferrous materials in powders, slurring, and small solids. Applications include food processing, agriculture, powders, and plastics. These can be customized to meet your specific need. Used in wet and dry applications. They can be as simple a tube or as complex as an A/B channel auto-cleaning grate magnet with flow controls. Combined with our MagHammer impact vibrator it assures smooth flowing systems. Barium Hexaferrite and Samarium Cobalt high temperature versions are available.