Dry Electromagnetic Separators

For the separation of ferrous materials from fine dry powders.

It’s been difficult to make an iron separation of grain size under 0.1mm due to particle attraction and adhesion to the separator. CG directs the magnetic flux to the center of unit and enhances higher flux density without magnetic leakage. Vibration of the filters ensures effective removal of iron to improve screen flow rate and maximize good product recovery.

At NMI we are always striving to improve our products. That is why our customer trust us to provide the highest performance equipment available. Our newest improvements are include:

Improved cooling system -

  • Reducing the excitation current by 17-23% depending on model.

  • Increased Gauss strength when hot. Up to 2800 Gauss on our CG-HHH series and 3000 Gauss on our new CG-HHH-1 series.

  • Reduced oil temperature. As low as 36C for our new CG-HHH-1 series. Max oil temperature of 50C down from 70C for our old models.

  • Cooling water can now be 25C for our new CG-HHH-1 series

Improved shaft design

  • New design eliminates rotational friction and potential wear point

Improved Screen Design -

  • New Honeycomb design traps 95% of contamination vs 75% for our standard screen. It has 11x the magnetic pole area at only 3x the cost.

  • Ring Design improved eliminating outer ring bypass

  • Micropitch screen offer 9X the magnetic field density from our standard screen

New Machine Designs

  • Our new CG-HHH-1 series offers higher Gauss strength, reduces cooling temperatures and reduces power consumption.

  • Our new CG-Mini reduces the footprint by 32%, 20% smaller coil casing, 25% less weight, half the screens, and still offers 50% of the Magnetization power. With honeycomb screens it is expected to trap 81% of contamination of its big brother.


Screen Types

Model CG Separator


Model CG is designed to remove fine iron powders from dry powdered materials to purify the base material. Industries include food, chemical, plastics, ceramics, medical and pharmaceuticals.

Features and Benefits

Electromagnetic screens capture fine ferrous material in the micron range. Vibrators ensure effective and smooth flow of the material through the screens. Eight styles of screens are available to achieve the best results based on the materials flow characteristics and desired purity level.


Three sizes are available in the basic unit with four levels of magnetic strength in each, up to 12,000 Gauss. Options for additional impact vibrators for cleaning are also available. Several screen types and pitches are available.

Standard screens: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm 12mm, 15mm, 20mm interval

Honeycomb screens: Patented design; up to 75 pcs can be made into a set.

Ball type screen:

Model CG-X Separator


The model CG-xxx-X series is our new series of ultra-high Gauss magnetic separators. This series has 7% increase in Gauss strength, is bigger and better than even our highest strength standard units. This unit is designed to meet the needs of ultra-high purity requirements in a high production environment. Coupled with our new honeycomb or micropitch screens, this unit captures more than 95% of SUS304. The CG-xxx-X is targeted to the lithium processing market sector but is also useful in pharmaceuticals, chemical and carbon black markets.

Features and Benefits

  • Field Gauss strength up to 19,500 Gauss

  • Higher cooling water limitation reduces the need to cool tap water

  • More efficient cooling systems reduce operating temperatures and increase Gauss strength


Size is the same as our standard units. See above.

Model CG-Mini Separator


The model CG-mini series is our new series of ultra-small footprint magnetic separators. This unit is targeted at application where size is more important than Gauss strength. Many times, purification or separation is an after thought in production and there is little room to add a massive separator. This little guy is smaller and shorter but still packs a punch with

Features and Benefits

  • Magnetic density at core 3,000 Gauss is nearly as powerful as our CG-150-HHH model

  • Takes 68% of the footprint of our standard unit. This means either more units can fit in or in some cases the difference of being able to install one at all.

  • Less bulk, height and weight. This smaller unit can fit in tight spaces and still do the job.


Number of screens: 10

SUS304 recovery: 68% with standard screens; 81% with honeycomb screens

Weight: 500kg

Magnetic density at core: 3000 Gauss

Size: 900mm (w) x 900mm (d) x 1215mm (h)