Electromagnetic Impact Vibrator

For the Free Flow of Powders and Bulk Solids

Solving Sticky Powder Flow Problems for Over 3 Generations

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MagHammersare used as vibrators for bins, silo, hoppers and transfer lines with the purpose of maintaining a free-flow of material. As a bin vibrator, MagHammer clears bridging, arching, clinging, and rat holing problems. The MagHammer simulates a mechanical sledge hammer but without the physical damage caused by manually hammers to your equipment.

Unlike common pneumatic bin vibrators, MagHammer does not use air. Instead it uses a pair of electromagnetic coils to move a piston in the chamber. This means only one moving part and since is powered by electricity the impact force is consistent stroke after stoke. Installation is simple. Weld the red face plate to the impact point and bolt on the hammer. The unit comes with 5 meters of cable, which can be extended to 100 meters using 12 AWG 4 conductor cable. Mount the dust-tight controller box in a convenient location near the hammer and power it with 200-240 Vac. We have 1-phase and 3-phase models of controllers. 3-phase is recommended as it offers full impact force, while the 1-phase provides 66% of the rated impact force. Our newest version of controller, SB-2AUL, is UL/CSA certified and available in the 3-phase version only.

Connect the hammer to the controller, adjust the controller for your needs and you are done. Three modes are available: auto continuous with a low voltage PLC option for ON/OFF; Manual with push button; OFF mode. Checking the mounting bolts on a quarterly basis is the only recommended maintenance.

Since the MagHammer is a sealed unit, it will outlast pneumatic units 10x, even in dusty environments such as carbon, lithium, or other fine powders. MagHammers are the bin vibrator of choice for major companies throughout North America for over 25 years.

MagHammer Selection Chart

With the bin or silo maximum diameter and the wall thickness the chart will tell you which MagHammer model is best and how many are needed.

Controller Selection Chart

Standard SB Controllers


  • NEMA 4 Enclosure

  • Operator Panel inside

  • Setting and connections are secure behind the Operator Panel

  • All components are UL/CSA listed