Wet Electromagnetic Filters

Model CS Wet Electromagnetic Separator

Enlarged view of CS honeycomb style filter

Model CS Wet Material Iron Separation

Model CS is designed to separate fine iron powder in wet materials by electromagnetic filters. It can handle relatively high temperature materials and also slurries.

Fine iron powder can be removed by passing through multiple high efficiency magnetic filters. Also the pitch size of the magnetic filter can be changed for best results. Once the power is OFF the filters cleaning is simple.

Model AT-CS Automatic Cleaning version of Wet Electromagnetic Separator

The AT-CS has a auto wash-out cycle for cleaning captured contamination. To achieve continuous processing two system can be connected in parallel (Model FAT-CS). Each unit has the same features as the basic CS with the addition of wash-out fittings and additional control panel features.

Model CS-X Weak Magnetic Magnetic Material Optimized

The model CS-X is optimized for removal of fine weak magnetic contamination. Contamination down to several microns can be removed with this equipment. It also have improved cooling efficiency and an optional chiller unit to suppress current reduction. Multiple filter styles are available depending on the application specifics. An auto wash option is available similar to the AT-CS or FAT-CS.